My whole body is still aching from this day πŸ’€ (at StubHub Center)

They are so perf

"Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are."

Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Chillin (literally) with my elk friends. (at Yosemite National Park)
Cold as ice. (at San Francisco, Califórnia)
Picture doesn’t do it justice. (at Twin Peaks Summit)
Omg this street is a killer on your thighs. (at Lombard Street)
at Palace of Fine Arts
at Golden Gate Overlook
at STAPLES Center
Highlight of my freakin year w/ my bff. #MrsCarterShow @beyonce (at STAPLES Center)
I guess I could be a secretary.